Sep 3, 2012

International Wedding Photographer: Indian Wedding ft Raul & Vina

 Check out this blog! S A WEDDING STUDIO showcasing wedding photography!!
Mehndi by Nakreze Mehndi @ Me!! :)

International Wedding Photographer: Indian Wedding ft Raul & Vina: Indian Wedding ft Raul & Vina

Aug 25, 2012

Nail Nakreze

Elianto and Skin Food happen to be my only choice for nail art. Their reasonable and of good quality too. Since many has been inquiring on nail services, I've decided to start it off. Not that I haven't done nail art, always did it for fun and mehndi photo shoots. Now it's time we get this into business. Now it;s mehndi services and nail art too. 
  • french nails
  • glitter french nails
  • colored french nails
  • colored nail polish
  • nail art
  • swarovksi stones additional on nail also available
NOTE: Acrylic, 3D nail art, Manicure & Pedicure services are not provided.

Jul 20, 2012

Fundamentals of Mehndi Design

Nakreze Mehndi is now proud to announce Fundamentals of Mehndi Design.

This course is divided into 3 categories:
1. One to One Course ~
This course if for those who wish to learn in their own convenient home. Materials provided with 1 free henna kit. Course consist of the following:
  • henna making - mixing techniques and methods
  • cone making techniques - control your cone and your hands
  • enhance your design - from basic to bridal
  • Regional designs and symbols - Culture and meanings
  • after care - enhance of color
  • get creative - henna craft
A duration of 4 1/2 hours a day - 4 days course. Day and time to be arranged and must be completed in 1 month.
Payment methods: please send in an email to and we will get back with details. Candidate will be given a Certificate.

Course fee RM 660

2. Online course ~
This course is for candidates with skills and need more training to perfection with certificate provided.
  • send in an email to and we will send you course outline and training details. 
  • You will need to complete the course in 3 months. 1 final project would be given and Certificate will be mailed to you a week after final project. 
  • Online training includes design extravaganza, design it to perfection, craft, and bridal project.
This online mehndi course is strictly assisted and observed by Nakreze Mehndi herself and candidate will be given a certificate.Skype account is required.

Course fee: RM480

3. Mehndi workshop ~
This course will be commencing in March, 2013. Intensive training from basic to bridal for up to 40 candidates. Food and drinks provided. This workshop also includes:
  • Free mehndi kit and materials
  • Foundation of mehndi art
  • Cone Control
  • Designing and Innovtion with Inspiration
  • Regional Mehndi
  • Mehndi Craft
  • Zardosi Mehndi
  • Bridal Mehndi
  • 1 Bridal project
4 days, 8 hours per day. Students will be given a final bridal project and the chosen ones will get 1 free henna portfolio and will be chosen to be Nakreze Pro Artist. All candidates will be given a Certificate.

Course Fee: RM1'000

Registration: please send in an email to with your interest in Course 1, 2 or 3. We will provide further details on payment method.